Testimony from Ching

Going to churches is once a sensitive action in my family. My father is an atheist. “You can do anything you like but not believing in these religions!” my father once said.  I was forbidden to believe in Christianity although my grandmother tries to bring me to churches when I was young.

Besides the freedom of religion, there are other obstacles in my life. Growing up and studied in mainland China, I found not much hope in English studies. In addition, there was no opportunity of using English since local businesses seldom use it.

For a long time I dream to improvements in English.  Until I join Bible League literacy class.  English is taught in such a systematic way that I could easily learned. As a parent I am extremely joyful to walk at the same pace with my son Stanley. He is right at the next class room learning the same chapter. We practice reading and dictation at home together. We have more fun that improved our relationship .

Thanks to my Christians teacher friends. I am so touched by their great love and warm hospitality. I could finally enjoy the abundant love  in church. It seems that it’s my destiny to know the Bible and the Father in heaven. With my whole heart, I would like to say thank you to all the supporters and donors around the world who are supporting the Bible Based Literacy program.  It’s truly a graceful opportunity to be involved.