Bible League International serves the local church through four core programs that are provided free of charge.  This is possible only through the generous financial support of mission-minded Christians from around the world.


Project Philip

Myanmar_0207_BCole_0708 Project PhilipOur evangelistic and discipleship Bible study program, named after the story of Philip in Acts 8, trains local Christians to share the Gospel story and lead seekers to faith in Jesus Christ. As part of Project Philip, those participating in the program receive a Bible for personal use and are encouraged to join a local church.
Project Philip involves people in two kinds of Bible study: evangelism and discipleship. The Gospel of John is an evangelistic study that introduces seekers to the one, true God, and helps them understand why they need Jesus as their Saviour. Reaching Toward the Goal is an initial follow-up discipleship study that teaches the importance of Bible reading, praying, living a life of purity, faith sharing, and joining a local church.

Project Philip has over many decades proven to be a powerful program for deepening the faith of believers and seekers and for helping to plant new churches around the world.


Bible-Based Literacy

Delhi%20Training%20session%20(5)Hundreds of millions of people around the world are functionally illiterate.  Bible-based Literacy is a powerful Bible placement tool that helps the underprivileged while spreading the Gospel. Through the program adults and children learn speaking, reading and writing skills using the Scriptures and a Bible-based curriculum. Helping the illiterate learn basic reading and writing skills is a proven and effective form of evangelistic outreach, engaging them in Bible reading while raising education levels and living standards.

Bible League trains local churches to use this program to reach out to those they might otherwise never reach. Bible League has two Bible-based Literacy programs:

  • Firm Foundations helps those who want to learn to read and write inn their local language.
  • Everyday English assists those who want to learn English as a second language.

In most countries, the Bible-based program uses our Easy-to-Read™ Bible.


Church Planter Training

Church Planter Training NepalIn areas where local churches do not exist or where the local church desires to plant more churches, Bible League International is resourcing church planters.

Church planters are local believers, commissioned by their local church, who receive extensive Project Philip training and resourcing from Bible League so that they can effectively spread the Gospel in their own country.  They are motivated, mobile, and equipped to plant Churches in both remote and urban communities where previously no church existed.




Over the course of one year, Bible League’s training takes church planters through five steps to establish a new church.  The training covers:

  • Evangelism

Wherever they live, church planters learn how to communicate the Gospel in a way that is appropriate and relevant to their culture.

  • Discipleship

The church planter invites interested people to a home where they study the Scriptures. Relationships develop and a deeper understanding of who God is gain.

  • Membership

New Christians make their faith known to others and identify with the emerging church

  • Leadership

The church planter identifies those with leadership gifts among the new Christians and trains them to disciple and help lead the growing group of believers.

  • Worship and Service

A spiritually maturing group formally establishes a church that is sustainable and meets regularly for public worship.


Translation: Easy-to-Read TM Version

As long as people cannot understand the words they are reading, the Bible remains a closed book. Today millions of people still do not have a Bible in their native language. Many more don’t have access to a Bible they can clearly understand.

Bible League’s Easy-To-Read Version (ERV) Bible Translations are written in everyday language that makes God’s Word understandable and accessible to people who read at a basic level and for those who are not familiar with the Bible. These Scriptures are helpful to both new believers and seekers as they apply God’s message to their lives.

ERV Bible translations preserve and faithfully express the meaning of the original Greek and Hebrew texts in clear, contemporary language that is easy to understand. For each translation, Bible League Biblical scholars team up with local, native-speaker translators to produce a Bible text that is understandable and faithful to the original message using the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

To date, the Easy-to-Read Version TM (ERV) Bible has been translated into more than 20 languages including Chinese.